There are two basic types of people in the world:

The Conquerers

These people are content to take what they can, while they can. Nature to them is primarily a materials warehouse with the odd fishing spot or scenic view. They see the world as a giant economic machine with no concept of scarcity. Conquerers mask their inherent greed with rhetoric about "freedom" and "rights."

The Conservationists

These people think it's critical to preserve what's left of nature, and not just for Man's benefit. Instead of fearing and trampling nature, they give it due respect. They question the value of money and don't think selfishness is a virtue. Conservationists see our grow-forever economy as a risky experiment, not Mankind's birthright.

Some people are just greedier than others and have less respect for nature. Which of the above describes you best?

See articles on environmental ethics for an in-depth look at this topic.

Sound clip from the movie "Silent Running" (1971)

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